Sharon. An American-born Chinese living in New York City. A cat person and addicted to good food. I love my boyfriend and his dummy personality.

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Trying this out today. #revlon #025 #cannescrush #colorstay

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Hey cupcake~ you don’t wear tailcoat? HAHAHA

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During the scene when Mulan decides to go to war instead of her father, she decides to do it while sitting on the foot of the Great Stone Dragon. The image of the dragon looking over Mulan is repeated several times throughout the sequence, and the bolts of lightning strike at significant times whenever the dragon is in sight. When Mulan takes her father’s scroll and when she is praying to her ancestors, the Great Stone Dragon can be seen. It is also engraved on the sword Mulan uses to cut her hair and the handles of the wardrobe containing the armor are in the shape of the dragon’s head. The dragon’s eyes glowing in the temple symbolizes Mulan’s role as protector of her family awakening, instead of the actual dragon.

The reason Mushu couldn’t wake the dragon is because the dragon was no longer there. Mulan is implied to be the Great Dragon that protects her family.

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I have been waiting for the day this showed up on Tumblr.

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Vayne - Splash Art (2014)

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" It is our duty to speak of unity, here among the ruins of our past. Now our people stand divided, torn apart by ancient hatreds. Brothers and sisters, our enemy is not our neighbor. Our enemy is a land without law and a long winter’s night. It is hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos. Look around you, these monuments from a bygone age, each older and grander than anything wrought by our hands. These are the works of a united Freljord, a fractured land that we can repair. From these ruins, we can raise a great nation. We are the people of the Freljord, and this land belongs to us all. “

- Ashe

Which side do you stand on? :)

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My weird, rushed cake design. #cake #chocolate #pastry #fondant

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My plated take on Chef Dominique Ansel’s lemon fromage blanc mousse. #plateddessert #pastry #lemon #rhubarb (at Institute of Culinary Education)

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Just finished a trail today! Tough work. Most eggs cracked in my life… Going home! #stillcutedoe #home

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Cupcake! #pastry #ice #cupcake #buttercream #piping